I gaped at my daughter one morning a few years ago as she tried to creep, unnoticed, out the front door to her bus stop. She was 13 at the time. Her hair, normally gelled and pulled tightly into a top bun, now sprang loose in a frizzy, light brown […]

Who celebrates her 52nd wedding anniversary and then, six months later, files for divorce? Me, it seems. And I’m not alone. Divorce rates for people 50 and above have doubled over the past few decades and more than doubled for those 65 and above. There’s even a name for this […]

WASHINGTON — The burdensome costs of medical care, prescription drugs and health insurance have become dominant issues in the 2020 presidential campaign. But a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services shows the nation remains in a period of relatively slow growth in health spending. Health spending […]

My parents are always concerned with how my husband and I are doing financially, even when we’re doing just fine. My dad, in particular, measures success in terms of how much money you make and includes financial advice and work questions in every conversation. My husband was recently fired from […]