By LISE ALSCHULER, ND, FABNO I am a naturopathic doctor, and because I operate outside of insurance-based medicine, I have, what most healthcare providers would consider, lots of time with my patients. My typical first patient appointment is 90 minutes long and my follow-up visits are 30 minutes long.  What, you […]

By DEBORAH A. COHEN Physical inactivity is a mounting challenge for America. In reviewing the 2013-2015 American time use survey, we found that most Americans report spending their daily leisure time watching screens, and devote only a small fraction of leisure time—24 minutes for men and 14 minutes for women—to physical activity. A […]

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Chromium Wellness By Brandi Marcene October 6, 2019 Chromium health benefits includes diabetes prevention, cholesterol reduction, supporting a healthy heart, weight gain prevention, supporting a health brain, healthy skin and acne prevention, nutrient absorption, healthy metabolic rate, supporting a healthy eyes, bone density protection, and […]

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Potassium Wellness By Brandi Marcene October 6, 2019 Potassium health benefits includes regulating blood sugar level, improving bone health, stabilizing neural function, regulating blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, maintaining balance of water, enhancing the nervous system, regulating the fluid level, reducing stroke, reducing the […]

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Iron Wellness By Michael Jessimy October 5, 2019 Iron benefits to the body includes improving cognitive function, treating anemia, supporting the muscle, aiding oxygen circulation, boosting the immune system and treating fatigue. Other benefits treating restless leg syndrome that is a result of iron deficiency, […]

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Vitamin A Wellness By Michael Jessimy October 2, 2019 You may have heard that vitamin A is essential for your eyesight; but did you know it is equally important for other organs as well? Vitamin A is one of those nutrients that are essential for […]

11 Amazing Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Wellness By Brandi Marcene October 1, 2019 Hyaluronic Acid benefits includes preventing bladder pain, treating dry eye and discomfort, relieves inflammation, heals open wounds, fighting skin dryness, strengthening skin tissues, preventing the onset of wrinkles, warding off signs of acid reflux, promoting bone strength, […]

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin E Wellness By Michael Jessimy September 26, 2019 A vitamin enriched diet is extremely important for your well being. Vitamins possess a number of amazing benefits that keep you strong and active. With that being said, vitamin E and its properties are considered amongst […]