Christine Lemke is co-founder and president of Evidation Health, a health and measurement company that provides technology and guidance to understand how everyday behavior and health interact. As a second state pursues legal action against makers and distributors of opioid painkillers, the focus has continued to be on overdose deaths […]

The industry is at a unique crossroads: pharmaceutical and digital therapeutic (DTx) companies have begun to act on their ambition to advance digital therapeutics—but the path to successful alliances and, importantly, scale remains uncertain. As a follow up to our recent research on building pharma-DTx alliances, we sat down with […]

Almonds are rich in nutrients that can help protect the heart including unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, magnesium, vitamin E, copper and manganese. Two research studies in 2012 and 2014 found that almonds can improve the risk of heart disease, specifically in overweight individuals. Further research has shown that almond consumption helps to reduce LDL cholesterol which helps to reduce the risk […]


Consumption of foods that enhance sexual arousal has been practiced for a long time. Men and women sometimes need to improve their quality of sex and increase libido, and the consumption of aphrodisiac products is considered one of the best ways to stimulate sexual desire. Many scientists believe that food […]