BY JESSICA DAMASSA Can artificial intelligence help prevent cardiovascular diseases? Biotech startup, Prevencio, has developed a proprietary panel of biomarkers that uses blood proteins and sophisticated AI algorithms to detect cardiovascular conditions like coronary and peripheral artery disease, aerotic stenosis, risk for stroke and more. Dean Loizou, Prevencio’s VP of […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ramping up how dermatologists diagnose skin conditions, even serious cancers like melanoma. While far from perfect, it’s promising. “We’re only just starting to scratch the surface of what’s possible,” says Bobby Buka, MD, CEO of The Dermatology Specialists in New York. Here’s what else Bukahad to […]

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Whether you have one pet or a menagerie, keeping track of their current medications, vaccination due dates, and other health information is, well, no walk in the park. A host of health apps have made it easier to remember to give heartworm preventives, apply flea and tick control, or schedule […]

Ate “A photo-based food journal, this app tracks your food choices and then goes further. You can enter your mood, why you ate, your hunger level, and other factors linked with mindful eating habits.” Healthy Living “From the Environmental Working Group, this app scans barcodes and enables you to make […]

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In the last few decades, children’s action figures, like GI Joe and Superman, have become more muscular. And more recently, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media have become places that celebrate these extremes, via images of shredded celebrities and influencers. It appears to have had an impact. In a 2019 […]

This is next-century exciting. From apps that automatically adjust your workout when you’re sore to pants that help you nail your yoga pose, artificial intelligence is quickly morphing into your new personal trainer. “While AI can’t do everything a human personal trainer can do, it’s an affordable way to get […]

You know the feeling: You glance down at your Fitbit before bed and the number is far less than the 10,000 steps you were shooting for. But instead of grappling with guilt that you didn’t hit the “magic number,” if you got at least halfway there, you can rest easy. […]